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Since your program is exiting with a code of 1, make sees that as-an error, and then returns the same error itself. gcc include path error while trying to build using ‘make’ 1 How to make visible changes to GCC source code, specifically on the libitm?

FREEBSD ‘MAKE INSTALL’ FAILS – INSTALLING PROGRAMS APPS – DIES, FAILS, QUITS-ERROR CODE – TUTORIAL, HOWTO, NEWBIE, BEGINNER, TIPS, TRICKS, HINTS FreeBSD ‘make install’ Fails – Installing Programs Apps – Dies, Fails, Quits-Error Code – Tutorial, Howto, Newbie, Beginner, Tips, Tricks, Hints-make install’ fails, dies, quits on FreeBSD^(TM-MAKE INSTALL DIES ON FREEBSD-ASSUMPTIONS: Wilf Jul 30 ’15-at 2:08-add a comment-2 Answers 2 active oldest votes

The error codes aren’t from make: The best answers are voted up and rise to the top What does ?Error code 1? ┬áBack Ports and Packages-Name Reload this Page slimserver make install Password-Log in-Error code 1 FAQ-Search-Today’s Posts-Mark Forums Read FreeBSD Ports and Packages Installation and upgrading of ports and packages on FreeBSD. Reserved Exit Codes-Exit |Meaning-Example-Comments-Code-Number-1-Catchall for-let “var1 = 1/ |Miscellaneous errors, such as-general errors-0-divide by zero” and other-impermissible operations-2-Misuse of shell-empty_function |Missing keyword or command, or-builtins (according-permission problem (and diff-to Bash-return code on a failed binary-documentation-file comparison).